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The “Franco Cuoio” born ideally in 1986/87 when Francesco La Russa, completed his military service, and saw that his work as an electrician, who had stopped before leaving, had not been retained, rather than staying at home doing nothing before d buy expensive materials such as leather, she began to realize the small key ring with the denim scraps. Francis was not willing to become one of the many unemployed in Sicily so after taking dexterity, he decided to go to buy his first leather (half leather duffer) and for processing tools. It costs around 37,000 pounds (about 70 euro today) and for an unemployed person back then was a hefty sum.

Harvest or a bit of money, he decided to open a store in his town in Sicily Palermo where even today there is still the store on Via Di Marco.
Leather work soon became a passion, especially when he began to turn the “Franco Cuoio” name for all of Sicily from where they began to arrive the first riders.

The Harley Davidson gave a turn to the commercial activity to the “Franco Cuoio”. The motion of this house is very suitable for the production of accessories applicargli him!

Having to carry the accessories for this bike, Francis decides to buy one!
The most appropriate, because most sold and the legendary SPORTSTER. The Sportster 1200 “98, bought it from one of its customers with even the “Franco Cuoio” bags attached above.

For over 10 years Francesco spends most of his life, turning to all the major Italian and European events. At the first one that took place in Padua, then moved to Verona, the Bike Expo gave a good kick to the company taking it immediately ranks atop the standings of the manufacturers of motorcycle accessories. Today there are more than nine events took place in a year in which the company participates Franco Leather, bringing the product beyond the Alps. Very esteemed both in Italy and abroad Francis has been recognized also by Harley Davidson various locations in Europe which still require the accessories

The Most Important Europe Events
Faaker See – Austria, 85.000 motorcycles 

Swiss Harley Days – Svizzera 35.000 motorcycles
Harley Days France – St Tropez 30.000 motorcycles


In the world there is more work for the craft. “Franco Cuoio” will bring the craft into the future

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